Krakow market with St. Mary’s Church, Cloth Hall, with numerous buildings and its unique atmosphere is the pride of the whole of Krakow. It is a place where you never feel bored. From visiting monuments and museums by horse drawn carriage rides or meleks and the events at nearby clubs and pubs. In 2005, the Market Square was recognized as the best square of the world.

In 2010, the Dutch portal put him on the list of ten European sites to be seen. In 2013, in turn, he received the title of most beautiful square in the world by Lonely Planet. It is at a distance of 200m from the Aparthotel Dunajewski is not unusual place where beats the heart of magical Krakow and everyone will find something for themselves. Writing about Krakow sin would end up on the main square. In Krakow capital of culture can not fail to Jewish culture and the whole Jewish district of Kazimierz full of restaurants, Jewish synagogues and Jews.

Another magical place in Krakow is of course the Wawel Royal Castle. It is one of the most beautiful Polish and not only Polish castles. Located on the Wawel hill. The building is undamaged, preserved in perfect condition. The castle has survived many invasions as well as World War. There was never destroyed because it is a special place and everyone ruler wanted to have a place for themselves. It is one of seven places in the world with exceptionally strong internal energy, which affects the environment. People from all over Polish arrive at the Wawel believing in the healing action of that force.